luminous_insect (luminous_insect) wrote,

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as my wounds heal
daniel writes brown ink between the scars
paths of spring metal

a magical alphabet of the desert
cartographic points of death
death I death II death III

a map of power
of entities
their banishments and acceptances
their spaces pinions in the dust

pinnacles in the chaos
scratches in the dust between them
leading my flesh to ink or pain
see or no see
shape or shapeless
vibration or silence

and the end,
the pictures on my skin scraped numb
I can tell you not which is which
what leads where,
fighting all night with god and the devil

so I collapse
my shinbones a roadside altar
all palpitating meat
and open the corridor of the prison
give in to the gurney's lazy way
a long night ended under the street lamp
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